Thursday, May 3, 2007

On Asian American stereotypes

These stereotypes are ideas Asian guys have known and have lived. It's beaten many to the point where they feel they have no chance and use scapegoats like the media and white guys. Most Asian women also perceive this as the truth and likewise feel they have to turn to other races in order to position themselves higher on the social ladder and Asian males be damned. The cycle continues.

For both Asian males and females, their Asian-ness becomes the cause of their social ineptitude, so the only way out, many feel, is to conform, assimilate, and ultimately abandon their Asian-ness. Make fun of the fobs who haven't learned the ways of America. Idolize pop culture and ditch the history, language, and culture of your parents, grandparents, great-great-great grandparents in one fell swoop. Teach your kids the wonderful ways of America by blending in because 4.2% means nothing in this melting pot.

Fuck that.

This is what Asians need to do: Define what it means to be Asian for your own sake instead of buying into what other feed you, me included. Take pride in your differences and ideas and connect with your parents' culture because you're old enough now to appreciate it. Stop being so godamned shameful in who you are and how you carry yourself. Recognize that you are one of many diverse Asian voices that collectively make up a misunderstood minority whose individuals need to speak the hell up.

Do all this, and then talk about it to Asians and non-Asians alike.


Phuong said...

i thought of one aspect of this recently. asians try to define beauty as what is western, and in the end kick themselves in the ass. given how popular japanese anime is, think of how desireable the asian look would be if those japs drew their characters to have almond shaped eyes, jet black hair, etc etc, other things representative of themselves. they could have drawn their men to be virile, athletic, nerdy--a gamut as diverse as they truly are. instead, the japs made their charcters blonde, big blue eyed, and white. being japanese could have been something recognized and admired throughout the world by the white kids reading anime. instead, they get to read about people who look like them.

Catherine !! said...

HOLY CRAP, RIGHT ON, MY BRUTHUH !! hahaha OMG you need to post this in your xanga. this message should so get out there. i really dislike the idea of interracial marriage, and every time i find out that an asian girl is dating a white guy, all I can think is that she wants power. like somehow if she marries him and sticks his white last name on her ass then she can demand more respect from society. but in case those girls don't know, old-fashioned asians call those kinds of girls a name that is synonymous to whores. ughh. This post is awesome, William. If I were with you right now, I'd give you a high five and a huuuuuuge hug!