Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stuff White People Like

I've finally figured this website out. I don't care what race this author is, but, man, you're a genius.

Ok, read closely now: All these generalizations about white people are exactly what white people have been doing with minorities over the past hundred years in order to "understand" these foreigners better. More so, when a white person tries to generalize these ideas in public, they're thrown to the sharks. In private, these generalizations still happen and white people take it as the truth because they don't have any other valid source of evidence. Thus is born the stereotype.

The funniest part of this blog though, is the replies, especially from indignant white people who disagree so strongly. Do these generalizations apply to absolutely all white people? Of course not. Do they apply to some? White people have said so themselves.

But do other white people still comment to complain about how inaccurate each and every one of these posts are? Hell yes they do because although stereotypes undeniably have their truth, you can't apply them to individuals without pissing people off.

So here's some of your own medicine, white people: calm down, it's just a joke. I get it, you're not some monolithic group with a single mentality that can be privy to stereotypes and generalizations, whether they be good or bad. At least you're not stuck with buck teeth and a small penis.

The next post should be that white people love political correctness. Oh, and welcome to our world.