Saturday, April 12, 2008

Unhealthy obsessions

Here's the first post in an ongoing series that deals with my unhealthy obsessions with mother-effing rad consumer products, design, and whatever else I feel like drooling over (ladies).

-The newest line of Dyson vacuums featuring the ball. Since I already have one, super-cute girl at work suggested that I buy multiple Dysons, like how Jay Leno has cars. I am tempted; super-cute girl indeed.
-Holy crap, a Nerf gatling gun. I wish I had this as a kid. I would have gotten all the ladies. And then I would've shot at them with 100 consecutive Nerf darts.
-The 50-story World Trade Center in Bahrain. The three propellers between the buildings generate 10-15% of the power to run the building. The future is now, people.
-The 101-story Shanghai World Financial Center, scheduled to be completed this month. As a big fan of gay beers, this ode to bottle-openers and architectural aficionados everywhere has me smiling.

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