Saturday, June 14, 2008

Take a Sad Song... (Part 1)

I heard a heavy thud coming from my parents' bedroom. I ran towards the room and before I had the chance to see what had made the noise, I heard it again. It was the sickliest, most gruesome, most horrifying sound I've ever heard in my life: the sound of a human body as its weight collapses on itself. This was the sound of my mom having a stroke.

She was keeled over the bathroom with streams of saliva dripping from her groggy, expressionless face. I had thought she was drowsy from medicine since she had been sick a few days before. I joked around with her, attempting to elicit a response. Nothing. My dad came home right then and the look he gave instantly triggered one solitary thought in my mind that would become all too familiar. Fuck.

I called for an ambulance and ran for the door as I heard the sirens approaching my front door. Fuck.

I watched as the paramedics precariously carried her down the stairs and loaded her into the back. Fuck.

I called my sister, telling her "Something is wrong with Mom." I gave my dad directions to where the ambulance was headed. I rode in the front with the driver, looking back as the paramedic was helping my mom with her breathing and starkly noticing the blank look on the driver's face. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

My brain started screaming and as adrenaline and reality started kicking in, I noticed it was lightly raining.

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