Monday, June 25, 2007

Where I'm eating: Creative Sushi

2518 Main Street in Santa Monica with the Shirley. Their chopsticks are branded like my palate. Translate that into Japanese and I swear it sounds much smoother.

Tuna Carpaccio with sprouts (Tastier than it looks)!

Home-smoked mackeral and yellowtail with jalapeno-lemon sauce.

Grilled calamari with cool baby tomato and parsley thing.

My favorite sushi thing in the world: Tiger eyes! Salmon, avocado and carrot around calamari in mystery sauce.

Complementary fried fish thing! That chef is a nice guy.

One of my favorite sushi places, recommended by Deepa. The restaurant blasts reggae and the mirrors are tricky. If you go, don't believe your eyes. It fools the best of us unless you look at it at the right angle.

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Shirley said...

awesome pictures!!!