Sunday, October 7, 2007

Berlin, Munich, and Florence (Part 3)

Ok, I've got some time to kill from my free 30 minutes worth of internet use to catch up on my trip. I'm starting to forget things from all this sensory overload, so I better get this all out before the days blur too much.

After the free tour, people were encouraged to tip, since I guess these people have to make a living and eat or something like that. Whatever. Had some dinner with a few more friends (Jono and Kim from Vancouver, Sy and Zoe from Australia, and Stewart from Glasgow) that night before hitting up another bar.

The next day was spent wandering the city again, the highlight of which was drooling over the Audi R8. Met up with bar mates from the night before and rolled out to Brandenburg Gate again to celebrate the anniversary of the reunification of Germany. Free concert, great food, good German times.

Next morning out was a train ride to Munich and this party they have called Oktoberfest. Apparently the whole festival was started as a wedding anniversary party that went overboard. I arrived at the train station, stashed my pack in a locker, took the metro one stop south to the party. It was effing huge. Germans were dressed to the nines in their traditional garb, carny rides and foods were German flavored, and the beer tents were rocking; and let it be known that there's nothing quite like witnessing a beer tent band play '99 Luftballons'.

Ack! Time's up!

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